Face Shields

JACKSON SAFETY* Face Shield (Modular System)

Offers full face protection against impact as well as chemical splash.


  • Sold as a modular system
  • Brow Guard holds the Face Shield piece in place and provides protection around the forehead
  • Face Shield piece sits in front of the face and provides the overall protection
  • One Brow Guard can last multiple Face Shields
  • Face Shields can be replaced due to wear and tear from scratching or damage due to impacts
  • Provides mechanical protection against particles,
    to the entire face and not just the eyes.
  • Complies to various levels of EN166

 Product Sell Sheet

Product Code: 28640


J Max Brow Guard

Product Code: 28650


F20 Polycarbonate Face Shield

Product Code: 28660


F30 Acetate Face Shield

*Note: 28640 need to be fitted with either 28650 or 28660 to form a full unit.

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